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Victor Vandoorne joined the Biscom engineering team eight years ago. He’s been writing the code that powers our hosted cloud solutions. Victor’s friends are all pretty tech savvy and totally know what he’s talking about when he tells them he’s a Full Stack Engineer who loves learning new technologies.

Victor has always been a bit of a tech-head and before joining Biscom was an Avionics Technician for the United States Air Force who, hang on to your hats, also represented the Army as a hockey player for the Bay State games in North Carolina.

While not making our great hosted cloud solutions even more amazing, Victor coaches youth soccer, spends time with his son, and reads The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. If you are lucky, he may even let you join him at the ice rink where some say he’s a pretty darn good skater.

We asked Victor, “What superpower do you wish you had?” His response was, “Power Absorption”. An interesting answer and one that could come in handy if he ever switched lives with Roger Rabbit.

The biggest thing to know about Victor is he prides himself on his integrity, service before self, and excellence. His values make us proud to have him as part of the Biscom team.