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Zinah is one of the newer members of the Biscom family, joining us just 6 months ago. In her time here, she has been busy in her role as Project Manager. In this role she is responsible for managing Scrum meetings with engineering and the other departments across the company to keep all projects on track using the agile methodology. The increased adoption of these techniques has had a vastly positive effect on all teams, keeping goals aligned and projects on schedule.

Zinah views her role as a complex juggling act, keeping everything on track. Addressing business needs, negotiating challenges, building processes, and working with different personalities she thinks of as an art. “As a project manager, you have to continuously think outside the box and always keep the company’s main goals in the forefront of your mind,” she explained.

In a role that requires so much teamwork, it’s important to be patient and passionate about what you do. It’s no wonder that Zinah is always the one in the room with a positive word and a smile on her face.

Zinah is an outgoing person who you can tell enjoys life to its fullest. She brings this to Biscom every day and leaves every encounter on a positive note. She loves how she gets to be involved in every department and really get to know everyone in the company. When asked what her favorite thing about working at Biscom is, she answered, “Biscom has been around for a very long time and is still an ambitious company and ready with fresh ideas for technology in the industry. It’s exciting to be a part of it.”

Before joining Biscom, Zinah worked for Zain (the biggest and first wireless cell phone company in the Middle East) as a manager of the service development unit. Zinah learned on the job as first a Telecom Engineer, working her way up to Project Manager for many large and challenging projects in the IT and Network department.

Zinah describes herself as positive, ambitious, and friendly. She brings all three to every interaction. It’s no surprise she loves to travel. “Traveling empowers me to discover the world, its people, and cultures,” she explained. “I’ve visited countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa. My next travel adventure will be to visit all 50 states.” If given any superpower Zinah wants to speak and understand every language in the world, a perfect skill to enable her travel.

In her downtime, Zinah loves to unwind with tv shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “Dancing with the Stars”. Never one to miss a chance to explore, you can usually find her enjoying Boston and everything the city has to offer, especially concerts and shows.

Zinah’s motto: When you follow you dreams, you create your destiny.

Zinah Alshukri