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If you’ve called into our award-winning support team chances are you have spoken to our Support Call Administrator, Christina Lay. Her position is a role where there is always something to do, which she feels keeps the workday interesting.

Christina describes herself as happy, observant and creative—all traits that help her support the customers she speaks with every day. Along with connecting customers with the person best suited to address their issue, she manages and triages support tickets and assists with onboarding new Biscom cloud fax customers.

Providing excellent customer service to Biscom’s customers is what Christina enjoys most about her role. “I’m always so proud when I can get a customer the help they need,” she explained. “Being able to make someone’s day a little easier is always very rewarding.”

“I’ve learned three key things during my career – never underestimate yourself, multi-tasking is key, and always surround yourself with positivity to get the work done,” she said.

Does the pressure of help customer with critical issues make her anxious? Nope. “My greatest fear is swimming in an ocean because I’m not a swimmer and I have Thalassophobia. That’s fear of the ocean.”

When she’s not helping customers, Christina likes spending her time learning how to cook, especially specialties from Cambodia. Her exploration goes beyond good – her bucket includes visiting Japan to experience their culture.