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Over the past 9 years, Deb Guild has led the Human Resource & Administration team at Biscom. Her strong work ethic, positive attitude, and self-motivation make juggling many balls throughout the day look easy. In a typical day, Deb can be filing, sorting account reconciliations, and managing delicate HR issues. This type of role requires flexibility and the ability to adjust to whatever comes your way. Deb loves this because it gives her access to every person and every department within the company keeping her day moving. As someone who enjoys her work, Deb appreciates knowing that her skills set adds value to the company and is always willing to pitch in wherever needed.

Before joining Biscom, Deb was a Real Estate Investor; in fact, she still owns properties in MA, PA, and FL. When she isn’t working or managing real estate, Deb spends her time cooking, crafting, traveling, horseback riding, beachcombing, snowmobiling, and wine tasting. We’re pretty sure she has never uttered the phrase “I’m bored”. In fact, what you wouldn’t know from searching Deb’s LinkedIn profile is that she is an experienced equestrian, a grandmother, a country girl who enjoys the occasional Big City night out, and if given the chance would want to add Time Traveler to her list of hobbies.

If she could have any pet in the world, she would want one of each. Actually, Deb says, “Just give me the farm! My passion job would be to open an animal rescue.” Deb’s motto comes into play each day, “Face your fears. Never let your fears define you, or limit your potential.”

We love having such a fearless leader keeping our organization on track.