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Jason Bowman keeps the Biscom infrastructure running smoothly in his role as IT Manager. He spends most of his time in a darkened office, diligently focused on projects to improve and maintain the company’s systems.

From fixing issues with desktop support to maintaining networking and servers, Jason and his team have it covered. Jason has a few “frequent flyers” in the Biscom family who may or may not have some kind of crazy power to hex all technology in their vicinity, but Jason handles these folks with patience and only an occasional sarcastic reply.

Every day at Biscom is different and that’s what Jason says he enjoys most about working here. Many would be surprised to know that earlier in his career, Jason was a butcher, who in his younger days sported the oh so fashionable, mullet. (You know you’re jealous.)

Steering the conversation to the juicy parts, Jason wishes he had the power to turn anything he touches into a wacky, waving, giant inflatable arm flailing tube man. Seeing a bunch of those around the office would cause quite a stir!

wacky waving inflatable tube man

We really dug deep for these questions this month and asked him this probing one, “Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman?” He answered in true Jason Bowman fashion, “Neither, the fight would never happen.” And that, ladies and gentleman is an introduction to Jason Bowman, Biscom’s IT Manager.