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Jason is one of our software development engineers who has diligently been adding to, refreshing, and improving our faxing software for almost 6 years (5 years and 9 months to be exact). In a typical day for an engineer, Jason attends his morning scrum, which usually results in new small projects for the day and heads back to his desk to get to work.

For Jason, writing software is an outlet for creativity. “I love the feeling of satisfaction (sometimes triumph!) when I implement a new feature or solve a problem”. Moments like this keep Jason motivated throughout the week. When Jason has the odd occasion to socialize with friends outside of work and is asked about his job, his response is “I get to write cutting-edge software to improve our enterprise fax solutions. No, I didn’t write that down and memorize it, why do you ask? Yes, I said fax — no, faxing is still a thing”. I’m not sure what kind of hooligans Jason is hanging out with who aren’t faxing documents, but I’m sure he will be educating all asunder on the great benefits of the technology in the future.

Other than the outlet for creativity and being able to partake in writing software that is innovative, Jason’s favorite thing about working at Biscom is most definitely Kevin Fraser’s desktop candy dispenser. If anyone happens to visit Biscom’s headquarters, hitting up the candy dispenser is a must.

Jason’s most interesting job prior to joining the Biscom team was growing perennials from seedlings to saleable size at a plant nursery. Which may have been the beginning of his love affair with wine. The walls of his home office are filled with maps of wine regions, and he does have the Oxford Companion to Wine and the latest issue of Decanter Magazine by his bedside, in case anyone wants to borrow them. (When I asked Jason to participate in our ‘Getting to Know You’ portion of the newsletter, I jokingly told him if he didn’t fill out the questionnaire in a timely fashion that I would add to his list of hobbies his love for piña coladas and getting caught in the rain… little did I know that I wasn’t too far off.)

Along with his interest in wine, Jason has become quite the PBS programming connoisseur; on top of the list are Wild Kratts and Word Girl. With two small humans at home, Jason is a slave to their TV viewing whims. “I haven’t watched grown-up TV in a long time, what’s it like? I hear The Sopranos is good…”

Speaking of TV programs, Jason’s friends have said that he most resembles Jemaine Clement. Others say he has the best features of Dwayne Johnson, David Beckham and Chris Hemsworth all put together in one beautiful person. Clearly, his wit and brilliance were at odds with his modesty at the time of filling out our questionnaire.

Jason’s motto: Dance like they’re all watching you (maybe throw in a kick move every so often to keep them on their toes).