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This month we’re turning the spotlight on Kevin Fraser, director of the award-winning technical support team here at Biscom. Kevin has been a part of the Biscom family for the last 22 years (and counting).

“After 22 years of working here, I still get such a charge out of each day,” explained Kevin. “I’m fortunate to have found such a great company to work for and have such a fantastic support team assembled.”

Working in technical support operations means finding the solutions to all problems, no matter the size. Embodying the four traits that define him – reliability, dependability, sincerity, and humor – Kevin is always up to any task and enjoys bringing order to the nonsensical.

Kevin loves adventure. His favorite hobbies include adventures with his family, movies, and spending time by the water. Though seemingly reserved and conservative, Kevin likes to push the envelope with motorsports and other calculated challenges. (Not trying to tempt fate or anything, Kevin admits that he has never suffered a broken bone from any of his adventures.) We do wonder if his thrill-seeking stems from the silliness of his first job – serving as a human scarecrow on a farm when he was sixteen.

Diving a little deeper into Kevin’s personal life, we discovered that unlike most of his peers at Biscom, Kevin rarely drinks coffee! In fact, he prefers ice-cold water or on the occasion a hot chocolate. He is quite the movie buff, with a movie collection thousands deep. Kevin prefers streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime to augment his impressive movie collection.

As our returning readers know, we always throw in a few fun questions. Our favorite of course is “What superpower do you wish you had?”

For the Doctor Who fans on the newsletter editorial team, his answer didn’t disappoint.
“The ability to travel in time. Forward and backward. I often dream of a computer I could sit down at and instantly recall historical events perhaps 100 years ago and either watch a video of the event or hit a button and transport myself to the actual event and watch it unfold live.”

As long as he doesn’t pull a Biff Tannen and make his fortune taking the information he learns and investing in stocks or sporting events we support him. Speaking of “Back to the Future”, Kevin would love to have a flying car. A flying car would provide more entertainment and excitement to his commute.

A big thank you to Kevin Fraser, for letting us delve into the details of his life and dig up some fun details to share with everyone.