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Guru of Calls and Coordination

LoriLori is Biscom’s Porting Coordinator and on the Administrative team. Lori’s friendly voice has been on the other end of the Biscom phone lines for the last 4 years assisting with questions or directing calls. She thoroughly enjoys making customers’ lives easier by providing a smooth onboarding experience to those joining our cloud fax service. Some of her other responsibilities include helping with accounting tasks and ensuring internal company events are coordinated efficiently.

“I enjoy coming in every day to face whatever challenges come my way! I feel I’ve had a positive impact on Biscom with the work I do and helping customers transition to our cloud service.”

So how did she become such an efficient and talented administrator? Lori’s diverse career experience has led to her success at Biscom. Before working at Biscom she was a Benefits and Events Manager at Cadence Design Systems. She planned all of the events for the company, travelled, and managed the budgets. She also worked for a company that designed and manufactured cameras for use on drones for the military. While wearing many administrative hats there, including deciphering engineering notes to create drawings and flowcharts using Visio allowed her to use some of her more creative energy.

“I decided to join Biscom because of the new opportunities presented to me to learn about different technologies. I was looking for a stable work place and after doing my due diligence I felt reassured that Biscom was still around after 30 years in business. Not just being in the fax space, but continuing to innovate.”

Not only does Lori excel at helping customers and coordinating tasks in the office, but her hobbies outside the office are also interesting. While many of us may still be sleeping at 5:00 AM, Lori has already begun her day managing an adult ice hockey team (for the past 20 years!) before heading to the office. She puts the teams together, schedules refs and substitute players and even manages the league website. Between managing the rigors of an adult hockey team and her event and management experience, Lori was destined to be a skilled coordinator in her career.

The one hobby we would not want to forget to mention is Lori’s love for golf. Spring, summer, and fall, you can expect to find Lori spending her time at the range or on the links.

A remarkable fact we have all learned while working with Lori is her unwavering compassion for animals and nature. This winter you can find her leaving bread and vegetables for critters whose homes have been destroyed by the snow fall. And after the winter ends Lori’s devotion only continues.

“If I could have any pet in the world, I would pick a pet that had been deserted or neglected so that I could show that it is worthy of being loved, needed, and accepted just the way it is. If I could do this 1,000 times before I die, my time on this earth will be worth something.”

We’re grateful to have such caring employees in the Biscom family.