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This month we are featuring Melanie Kavalowskas, Biscom’s Marketing Program Specialist. Melanie is one of Biscom’s newer additions to the marketing department, and has been a part of the Biscom family for a year now. During a typical day at Biscom, Melanie creates the blog posts on our website, contributes to our white papers, and organizes our informational webinars all in an effort to help companies find a solution for their secure document delivery challenges.

Melanie explains, “My job is about being an influencer, and wearing many hats. Every day I’m faced with new challenges, and opportunities to learn. I love being able to build materials that help educate people looking for fax and secure file transfer solutions.”

One of Melanie’s favorite aspects about her role is helping people—whether it’s her coworkers, marketing teammates, or customers. Melanie always looks beyond her marketing goals and makes the effort to bring her positivity into other’s lives. Three traits that Melanie describes herself as are empathetic, compassionate, and driven. These provide her with energy to greet each day with the enthusiasm to tackle any challenge.

So what does Melanie do when she’s not making marketing magic happen? Most people wouldn’t know this about her after just working with her or scrolling through her LinkedIn, but she loves to sing, perform on stage, and have an occasional karaoke night. She enjoys writing songs, making covers for Sound Cloud and YouTube, and has the ultimate goal of getting to record music in a studio someday. One of her biggest singing accomplishments was performing at the London Olympics in 2012.

As our returning readers know, we always throw in a few fun questions. One of our favorite questions is, “What super power do you wish you had?”

If Melanie could have any super power, she would want to be able to speak and interpret the 7,097 languages that currently exist in the modern world. When Melanie first met her husband, they both spoke different languages (Spanish and English) and had to use Google Translate to understand each other better. “It would have been much easier if I had that ability, and probably would have had a much smoother first date,” she said. “That way I could easily relate to everyone and understand all different kinds of cultures.”

We also asked Melanie, “What celebrity she gets compared to?” She often is compared to Kelly Clarkson, but she doesn’t mind at all. Any day she is compared to a celebrity is a great day in her opinion.

A big thank you to Melanie Kavalowskas for letting us get to know her better in and outside of the office!