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The HIMSS regional chapter events provide a great forum for getting an update on the current issues with medical health information exchanges, the progress in developing a standardized EHR, regulatory issues, adoption strategies, and potential roadblocks. It also provides the opportunity to network with industry experts and peers. One of the key topics in the most recent New England meetings was sharing electronic medical data.

The need for a secure and efficient manner of sharing electronic medical data is growing across all segments of healthcare. The factors driving this are both legislative and practical, driven by the movement to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and the increasing need to share data between entities in the healthcare ecosystem. While the progress to a unified electronic future is not moving rapidly forward, the need to secure your PHI transfer is present.

The amount of PHI that needs to be exchanges is rapidly growing and can include many types of files including medical records, prescriptions, lab reports, and insurance documentation. So while standardized EHR exchange is the goal, healthcare organizations have an immediate need to exchange this data and meet HIPAA requirements.

We at Biscom are meeting these needs today with our secure fax and file transfer products. As fax continues to be a major method for transferring PHI, Biscom continues to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare space. Our FAXCOM software delivers enterprise functionality that both users and IT love. Users love it because they can fax from anywhere: desktop, email, web-client, and mobile device. And IT loves it because of our extensive enterprise functionality including workflow, dashboard, reporting, centralized monitoring and management, and deep integration with the Microsoft environment. Furthermore, these solutions can be hosted in the cloud, via an on-premises server, or through hybrid configuration. This is why Mass General Hospital and the National Institutes of Health depend upon Biscom for their secure document delivery solutions.

But there are many types of data that need to be sent electronically and yet meet HIPAA requirements. This was the genesis of Biscom’s Secure File Transfer (SFT) product. SFT is a simple and secure solution for sending any type of file to any internet enabled device including desktop, web, and mobile phone.

With Biscom SFT, users can securely send and collaborate on large data files, video, color documents, and even faxes. In fact, there’s no size limitation for sending files. Unlike other solutions, Biscom SFT is easy to use, HIPAA compliant, and has no file size limits. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Health transfer their large documents securely with Biscom SFT.

The other powerful feature that SFT offers is the ability to collaborate in a secure workspace and send files between users. Like our fax products, Biscom’s SFT solution provides value for both users and IT. Users now have a simple application to send large files securely from any device. And for IT, we incorporated the same enterprise functionality: simplified user control, real-time dashboard, workflow, and reporting.

So while the push for a standard, integrated EHR continues, the need to securely transfer and share documents is being met today with Biscom’s FAXCOM fax and Secure File Transfer solutions.