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Biscom – A History of Innovation

In 1986, S. K. Ho, who had previously created the Wang Image System at Wang Laboratories, started Biscom with two engineers, Carlos Mainemer and Bill Agudelo. Their focus was image communications and their first product was a standalone fax server device. Together, they developed FAXCOM Command Language (FCL), to interface to host-based applications, and used the Rockwell fax modem chipset to design a computer fax board to act as a fax machine.

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The company introduced its first fax server at the April, 1987 Interface show, where it was an immediate success. Their fax server enabled multiple desktop users to send faxes simultaneously, and to merge their outgoing faxes with overlaid images and signatures. Other fax server vendors were frankly amazed at how this merge capability worked. In addition, because it eliminated a document scanner and included a font set with which to control character attributes, the Biscom fax server transmitted a fax of superior image quality.

Today, Biscom leads the industry with reliable, creative and cost effective fax messaging solutions. Looking to the future, the company has also undertaken development of a multi-messaging server that combines fax, voice and email messaging capabilities.

While Biscom may have grown in size and product line, however, we are proud to say that the founding engineers are still with the company and continue to be awarded patents for their engineering efforts.

Learn more about Biscom’s innovation by viewing a quick, on-demand webinar or requesting a demo.

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