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FHealthcare_imageax technologies can integrate into electronic medical records (EMRs), where patient information can be sent to both the physician as well as to the EMR system. Most health care professionals know how to send a fax it is ubiquitous, the common denominator. If they know how to print from their EMR/Practice Management they can send a fax. Fax technology continues to be modernized and reshaped which is why it is such a resilient technology. With integrations to GE Centricity, Siemens, Epic, etc healthcare professionals can easily streamline their processes.


Whether sending a referral, prescription, or patient notes, fax works and while in transit is secure and a legal document with an audit trail for Meaningful Use. Faxes are transmitted as image files so there is no way to intercept and decipher them in transit. If the recipient device is in a secure location, voila, compliance!! Healthcare professionals don’t want to deal with IT, they want to do what they are trained to do and that is to treat patients. Fax is not going away because it is the only thing that is compatible, worldwide.