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How long can your business function without Fax?

Did you know Biscom’s Cloud Fax Service can deliver Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to all on-premise fax servers?

How does that relate to your business? It’s simple: Now you can safely and securely comply with HIPAA, SOX and other government and regulatory mandates.

Biscom’s cloud-based virtualization solutions is a cost-effective alternative to traditional disaster recovery plans and will support your management of unforeseen interruption.

Is fax covered on your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan? If not, you should consider Biscom’s Cloud Fax Service.

  • Keep your same fax phone numbers
  • Immediate coverage with high availability
  • Receive and route with no business communication interruptions
  • Secure, encrypted communications

Unfortunately, disasters happen. Therefore, it’s vital to have a recovery plan in place.  I’d like the opportunity to find out if you have any needs. Let’s have a quick discussion about how long your business can function without fax.

Fax Solutions in the Cloud from Biscom

Biscom is known for innovative methods for managing large-volume faxing with some top companies all over the globe.  Fax solutions in the cloud are a great alternative to in-house fax servers for enterprise-level faxing. According to Gartner: “an increasing number of organizations are choosing to switch their in-house fax server infrastructure to an outsourced fax solution due to the reduction of maintenance and service costs” (Gartner, 30 Nov. 2009).

Get the Facts about Fax Solutions in the Cloud

Incorporating cloud-based fax solutions in your enterprise has benefits for all different types of businesses.  Whether your enterprise is financial, healthcare affiliated, government, or legal, cloud fax might be just what your enterprise needs to manage high-volume, production fax needs.  Document transmitting (according to Gartner) is reported to be a core business process in most larger-scaled companies.  More and more businesses are shifting to cloud fax services.  Biscom can help.

Biscom’s track record is proven.  We’ve been doing business for 23 years and in that amount of time, thousands of users have benefitted from our fax solution software.  Fax solutions in the cloud from Biscom will provide you with great outsourced fax service at a competitive and flexible cost.  We invite you to read what others have so graciously said about our products and quality of service on our website, see client testimonials.

Faxing over the cloud enables you to access fax services over the Internet.  Biscom’s cloud-based faxing will assist in managing your high-volume, enterprise-level faxing needs.  You will save both time and money with outsourced faxing through Biscom, as equipment needs will be lessened and long distance costs will be reduced due to fax routing through the Internet.  Companies just like yours are making the switch to cloud-based fax solutions.  Don’t trust just any fax service vendor to handle your faxing needs; Biscom will easily and securely help your enterprise manage faxing solutions that match your company’s needs.

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