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cloud-fax-free-trial.jpgWhen it comes to faxing, change has become the new normal. As more and more people have 24/7 access to their information through mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and smart watches, paper is finding itself more and more antiquated. Yet fax is still alive and growing! What doesn’t change as much are complex processes and workflows that have many touchpoints – underlying methods, such as the universal fax protocol, are so embedded that it’s difficult if not impossible to extricate. And, faxes are still one of the few legal documents accepted outside of originals copies.

Because of this reliance on fax, you need to make sure your fax vendor is reliable and can stand the test of time. Many fax vendors, especially hosted and cloud providers, have been going through a great deal of changes, and in many cases, whether it’s because of an acquisition or merger, the service becomes less reliable, prices change, and contracts are no longer honored.

“I’ve frequently been told that the fax hosting market has changed more in the last five years than it has in the past 50. And, I think it is going to change even more in the next 5 years, so you have to be ready to change with it,” said Michael Gayowski, Vice President of Cloud Faxing at Biscom.

For processes that are mission critical, look for vendors that are reputable, long-standing, and trustworthy. Watch out for companies with promises they can’t meet, pricing that sounds too good to be true, or with a short track record. Talk to the vendor’s customers and see how they feel. The old mantra of “you get what you pay for” is true for fax as it is for most things in life.

Biscom developed the first enterprise fax server in 1986 and has been adopted by over 3000 enterprise customers. With the most advanced hosted fax service, providing functionality that is far beyond simple fax to email and email to fax, Biscom can meet the advanced requirements that no other vendor can. Built on top of the industry’s most reliable fax servers, Biscom’s hosted fax service customers also enjoy the lowest error rates, all without signing a binding contract.

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