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ILTA at Gaylord National HarborHaving just returned from the International Legal Technology Association’s annual conference in National Harbor, MD, I wanted to share some thoughts and comments on the show and how it went from a vendor’s perspective. This year, the conference was at the Gaylord hotel in National Harbor – a beautiful and immense property right on the banks of the Potomac – great venue. The ILTA staff are also great to work with, and the show ran without a hitch.

ILTA is a great organization that helps law firms and their technical teams get a better handle on the tools and technologies that today’s law firms use to run their business. Document management, eDiscovery, collaboration, workflow, and many other applications law firms use to service their clients are represented at the ILTA conference.

This was our 7th year as an exhibitor at ILTA and we’ve seen many changes through the years. There are the stalwart vendors, the up and coming ones, and of course new vendors. Small and large, we’re all trying to get the attention of the law firms’ technical teams – the IT groups (and sometimes individuals who support an entire organization) to notice us and see how useful we can be to the attorneys and staff.

The one area that Biscom focuses on is secure document delivery. It seems many firms have adopted a secure file transfer solution or they have some file transfer capability built into their document management system. In my discussions, it’s clear that there are still firms who are using FTP servers and deal with the security and usability challenges of this ancient protocol. The major issues seem to revolve around the work to manage user accounts, getting their attorneys to understand it, and even harder, having the other firms they share files with understand how to use it. For eDiscovery and litigation support, where sending documents and messages to opposing counsel requires good security and a good audit trail, FTP is not up to the task. Also, without automated deletion of files, FTP servers quickly fill up with files and IT doesn’t know which files can be deleted and which need to remain. Also, while some document management firms have some kind of file transfer utility, it’s often not very robust and has limitations. Also, many firms don’t want to clutter their DM with files that are unrelated to a matter but still need to be shared out – maybe ad hoc or just unrelated to a particular client.

Biscom has a solution that is simple, secure, and provides that confidence and assurance that firms can share information quickly and efficiently without a lot of overhead or steep learning curve. With an Outlook add-in, it’s even easier for attorneys and paralegals to send files as easily as emailing them but without the security issues and size limits associated with email. Robust features such as automatic expiration and deletion, full activity tracking and logging, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption at rest, secure workspaces for collaboration, and email notification when recipients open deliveries and download files are a few of the many features of Biscom SFT.

For all those law firms out there still using FTP, it’s time to move to the next generation file sharing – Biscom Secure File Transfer – to prevent data breaches, satisfy clients, and manage confidential information properly.