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Enterprise Fax Integrations and Automation

Fax integrations help automate and facilitate faxing through your native applications, devices, and workflows.



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Electronic Health Records

Biscom offers HIPAA compliant faxing for improved quality, safety, and efficiency.

EHR and EMR applications collect and manage the full patient life cycle and history. With unstructured data such as lab reports, handwritten orders, billing, and prescriptions, Biscom’s solution can receive this information as a fax, and deliver outbound faxes to external parties. Biscom helps support HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use for improved quality, safety, and efficiency.

Faxcom Enterprise Integrations - Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Integrations Diagram

Fax Workflow and Automation

Biscom’s Advanced Fax Routing (AFR) is a policy-based tool that supports triggers and actions such as routing based on extracted fax meta data – e.g. TSID, bar codes, and other OCR data.

  • Integrates with business workflow applications
  • Easy interface requires no programming knowledge
  • Supports both on-premises and cloud fax solutions
Faxcom Enterprise - Integrations Workflow Diagram

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Fax Integration

Biscom offers a full range of programmatic interfaces to send and receive faxes. Complex and custom actions are available to developers to integrate with existing applications or to create entirely new ones.

Faxcom Enterprise Integrations - Fax Integration Application Interfaces (API) Diagram

Learn More About Biscom’s Fax Integration and Automation

MFP Integrations

Enable users to send from MFPs including Kyocera, Samsung, Sharp, Xerox, HP, Ricoh, Lexmark, eCopy and others.  >LEARN MORE

Epic Integration

Allows healthcare professionals to send faxes directly from 12 workflows within Epic including EMR and Radiant systems. >LEARN MORE

Centricity Integration

Biscom’s FAXCOM fax solution is the only certified fax provider for GE’s Centricity CPS/EMR solution. >LEARN MORE

Exchange Integration

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Sharepoint Integration

Biscom’s FAXCOM integrates with Microsoft SharePoint to provide efficient inbound routing of faxed documents into SharePoint sites. >LEARN MORE

API Integration

Biscom offers programmers a range of APIs for developing applications that interface with the Biscom fax solution. >LEARN MORE