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Is it time to update your fax environment?

Enterprise Clients are leveraging VoIP networks to manage all of their fax communications on a single platform. Unlike traditional fax server technology, Fax Over IP (FOIP) is a software-only solution capable or running within a Virtual environment.

Benefits include:

  • Software Only – No hardware servers or fax boards required.

  • High Availability – Takes advantage of built in redundancies in Virtual Server Architecture.

  • Simplifies Disaster Recovery – VM image can be redeployed in DR facility.

  • Leverages existing VOIP network investment.

  • And more

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Biscom, the leader and the inventor of fax server technology (25 years ago!) continues to develop innovative fax technologies. With the ability to integrate with virtually any computing environment, we work with applications such as Microsoft SharePoint to help you manage your fax environment and document workflows.

Even if you don’t have a VoIP network in place today, you can still implement FoIP and virtualize your fax servers through use of the Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 fax software and media gateway.

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FOIP from Biscom