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Are you confident the information you are sharing is safe? With the recent abundance of data breaches you can’t be too careful, there isn’t an industry that is safe from potential breach. You don’t have to look far to find a corporation that has not been breached.

With so much confidential information being stored and sent in electronic format, it’s vital that only those with the right authorization have access to those files. Hacking is an ever growing problem in our world and can lead to privacy breaches, identity theft, and even lawsuits. Not to mention large fines from government organizations if your confidential data was leaked due to insufficient security precautions on the part of your organization.

Biscom has partnered with OPSWAT and integrated their Metascan® malware scanning technology into the Biscom SFT solution which scans files prior to being sent out. Customers using Biscom SFT and Metascan can share documents with confidence knowing that their files are secure and threat free.

Join us and learn how to send and receive large confidential files without leaving Outlook. Are you worried about viruses being uploaded with your files? Special guest presenter Tony Berning, OPSWAT Sr. Product Manager, will speak about our integration with OPSWAT’s Metascan multiple anti-malware engine technology.

Learn how to send and receive large confidential files without leaving Outlook
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