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Mark Malone Writes about Fax Over Cloud – Goodbye FTP?

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Goodbye FTP? A Quick Look: Biscom Secure File Transfer & Upcoming Webinar

Albany, NY. 7/8/2103: Mark Malone

I am currently conducting a test drive of a Secure File Transfer (SFT) product from our friends at Biscom, makers of FAXCOM Fax Servers and many other great solutions for secure document exchange.

Biscom’s Secure File Transfer (formerly known as Biscom Delivery Server – BDS) is a solution that lets companies send any types of files privately and securely via the cloud. It’s a secure alternative to FTP, email and it’s really easy to use so just about any employee can send, manage and receive secure files of any size and type.

Company employees can create, manage and send “packages” of all types of files (documents, images, etc.) and deliver them safely to any recipient. It has collaboration tools where you can setup project “workspaces” and reporting tools great for compliance requirements.

As far as integration capabilities: In addition to MS Outlook and Sharepoint connectivity, Biscom SFT has a comprehensive API layer that supports Web services, .NET, Java, and SMTP, as well as scripting languages such as Ruby and Python.

Look for more feedback soon when the evaluation is complete. In the meantime, check out

They’re hosting a webinar on July 23, 2013 at 1400 EDT called, “Say Goodbye to FTP Servers”.

Check it out and register here.

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