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Seven years ago, my suit pockets overflowed with phones. I had a mobile for work and a mobile for home, plus chargers for both. A ringing mobile device often solicited multiple pats until I located the right culprit. Now, I carry only one phone that does double duty for work and personal communications.

So much as changed for mobile communications in such a short time.iPad and gavel graphic

Many organizations have largely transitioned from issuing company mobile phones to enabling employees’ personal devices. This, in turn, has helped employees consolidate communications devices, work with preferred equipment, introduce tablets and ensure optimal productivity.

However, this trend of “bring your own device” (BYOD) also introduces security challenges for legal IT.

Biscom recently partnered with mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc. on a roadshow series focused on these BYOD challenges. Sponsored by the International Legal Technology Association, we hit key cities on the East coast to discuss:

  • General security threats associated with using personal mobile devices in a legal environment, including data breach of confidential client data and noncompliance with government regulations
  • Best practices for managing usage of firm supplied and personal mobile devices
  • Overview of mobile device management technologies
  • Presentation of the latest trends for law firm BYOD strategies and mobile device management technology deployment

More than 120 technology professionals attended the eight-city tour, representing 61 law firms and corporate legal departments.

It was clear from the tour and its subsequent feedback that BYOD is very much a priority item for legal organizations. Legal IT professionals are concerned about protecting mobile device data and taking active steps to optimize its security and usage through policies, best practices and technologies such as mobile device management solutions. However, while the awareness level of BYOD is high the adoption of practices to secure it are very much in the early stages.

For those that missed the roadshow, I’m happy to announce that Biscom and mindSHIFT will be reuniting for an ILTA-sponsored webinar covering this discussion on May 14  Register now to learn more about BYOD challenges.


If you’d like a copy of the roadshow presentation slides, email me at [email protected].