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Sync and Share

Having access to files any time and from any location is not a new need. However, today the amount of data being created, distributed and shared is growing exponentially. The “flattening” of the world, through globalization, offshoring and outsourcing, has also created greater communication needs among partners and workers as network orchestration has increased.

In response, Biscom has launched Verosync, an enterprise-class file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) solution which offers simplicity to users while allowing IT staff to maintain control over data in their network. Near realtime syncing makes file synchronization among multiple devices secure and enables users to share content with people inside and outside of the company.

“As workers increase the number of devices they use, the need for agile yet secure file and content sharing will continue to grow rapidly,” said Evan Quinn, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates. “Enterprise-grade synchronization, control and dependability, with feature-rich yet highly secure document delivery, accommodating both cloud and on-premise, are exactly what companies’ need.”

Verosync adheres toFIPS 140-2 certified 256-bit AES encryption and enables IT to see if the file storage has been tampered with or changed from outside of the system. ·Data is also fully under the control of IT with the ability to restrict users, devices and IP addresses that can sync.

Deployable to local, virtual and private cloud infrastructure, Verosync includes a 3 tier architecture for maximum deployment flexibility and security, which can cluster the back end and scale it up to tens of thousands of users.
Verosync integrates with other applications and enables developers to create their own custom synchronization and sharing applications. The solution gives IT the ability to perform auditing and forensic analysis, and is full scalable and able to integrate with other Biscom products.

Feature rich and highly scalable, Verosync provides a comprehensive sync and share solution. In addition, Verosync’s security features don’t interfere with the workforce experience yet IT is able to maintain control and content compliance.

Biscom Verosync will be available on Feb. 28, 2014 and priced based on number of users. Android and Apple mobile apps will be available.