Biscom’s Mobile Fax App

Fax from your phone in minutes – not hours.

Process requests in minutes not hours — This simple yet powerful app on your mobile device can not only revitalize the process of signing and annotating documents but also help you manage your organization’s flow of paper.

With Biscom Mobile Fax App the entire process of receiving a document, signing, and returning it takes only a few minutes – without the need for a printer, pen, or even a fax machine. Even judges now use it to sign and return search warrant requests from law enforcement agencies allowing for accelerated processing.

Biscom Mobile Fax enables iPad/iPhone and Android mobile device users to:

  • Send faxes from an iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device via Biscom’s fax server and/or hosted fax service
  • View received faxes
  • Sign and annotate received faxes and PDF files prior to faxing them
  • Fax PDF, JPG, TIFF, Microsoft Office and other files from email, Adobe Acrobat Viewer, Dropbox, and other mobile apps
  •  Open and/or save received faxes within other mobile apps, such as Adobe Acrobat Viewer, Dropbox, and many others

Furthermore, fax service administrators can manage access control and permissions for fax usage on mobile devices.

System Requirements

  1. An Apple, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 6.0 or higher
  2. An Android Tablet or Phone (including Kindle Fire) running Android 2.1 or higher
  3. A previously installed instance of FAXCOM Suite Version 10.1 or higher with Web services enabled
  4. A FAXCOM Server – either on premises or hosted by the FAXCOM Anywhere cloud-based fax service.

Set Up Biscom Mobile

Download Biscom Mobile

Depending on which mobile device you have, click on one of the following links to go to the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the app.

For iPad & iPhone (including iPod Touch)

For Android (tablets and phones)

You can also go directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for “Biscom Mobile” to locate the app.
Note: Be sure you have your Apple ID or Google Account Email Address in addition to your password before going to these sites as you may be asked to provide your credentials in order to download the app.

Setting Up the App

If you download from Apple or Google, the application installs automatically, and the license agreement is displayed.
After accepting the license agreement, the Start-up page is displayed, on which you specify the Server to which you will connect, as well as your Username and Password – information which is given to you by your fax service administrator (or Biscom if you are using a demo account).

For example:

Username John Doe
Password: abc123
(Note: It is possible that Username and Password will be the same as your login to your organization’s network.)


Check your connectivity by doing the following:

  • Make sure you have a good signal to your wireless router or an active connection to the Internet by running your Web browser to browse the Internet and/or running your email app. to send/receive email.>
  • Make sure that you have a strong WiFi signal and remain in one location the first time you use Biscom Mobile to perform the initial setup and successfully send and receive a fax.

Contact your fax service administrator (or Biscom if you are using a demo account) to verify the following:

  • Your account is active and properly configured, and you have specified the correct information for FAXCOM Server, Username, and Password on the Start-up page.
  • Your organization is running FAXCOM Suite version 10.1 or higher, the Biscom Mobile Web Service has been properly set up, and a certificate has been obtained and installed on the server (or you are using a demo account).

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