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Biscom Mobile for Secure File Transfer and Secure Faxing

As the bring-your -own -device (BYOD) movement gathers stronger acceptance in the business community, the Biscom secure file transfer (SFT) mobile app allows users to send and receive messages and files securely, eliminating potential risks of data breach from using email or unsecure file sharing services for mobile document exchange.

“Corporate IT departments are struggling with the burden of supporting personal mobile devices used for business purposes. Of particular concern is protecting confidential and personally identifiable data downloaded to these devices. One challenge is delivering mobile security technology that is easy to use to facilitate user adoption. Our design objective for the Biscom SFT mobile app is to protect confidential data and support regulatory compliance while offering a simple interface for mobile users,” said Bill Ho, president of Biscom.

As easy to use as email, the Biscom SFT app enables initiation of a secure file transfer from mobile devices such as email, PDF readers, and cloud storage providers. The new app can be found on Google Play and the Amazon app store for Android.

With a mobile app on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, the entire process of receiving a legal document, signing, and returning it takes only a few minutes – without the need for a printer, pen, or even a fax machine.

A simple yet powerful app on your mobile device can not only revitalize the process of signing and annotating documents, but also help you manage your organization’s flow of paper. Even judges now use it to sign and return search warrant requests from law enforcement agencies. For more information about our mobile products watch this video. 

Biscom Mobile SFT BYOD