Send multiple documents to multiple recipients from a patient chart without leaving Centricity Practice Solution

MultiDoc is simple easy-to-deploy, and affordable way streamline business processes, reduce administrative costs, support HIPAA compliance initiatives, and fulfill HITECH Act requirements for Meaningful Use.

Cutting-Edge Fax Solution

Healthcare providers must adhere to strict compliance standards, compounding operational costs. Quick and secure communication of documents, such as patient information, is essential for healthcare organizations. To remain efficient and cost-effective, healthcare providers need intelligent and easy-to-use solutions to address the problem of confidential document transmission. 

The integration of MultiDoc with Centricity CPS streamlines business processes for healthcare providers. The solution minimizes paper waste and increases productivity, while optimizing the EHR system by making it easy to:

  • Fax prescriptions to pharmacies
  • Fax patient health information from physician to physician
  • Fax lab/imaging results
  • Fax physician orders

To Drive the Business

MultiDoc, a secure, accessible fax add-on application, creates more efficiency and security in the healthcare workplace. It allows healthcare providers to devote more time to patient care than to the hassles of manual faxing. Centricity users who utilize MultiDoc reap such benefits as:

  • Secure and efficient information delivery – reduction of your organization’s exposure to risk
  • Improved patient care through timely information exchange
  • HIPAA compliance throughout fax transmission and storage
  • Further increase “Meaningful Use” of electronic health records

Communicate with Confidence

MultiDoc reduces the complexity of the faxing process, reduces your organization’s exposure to risk, and makes faxing quick and easy. This fax solution offers secure “pointto-point” communications with encrypted delivery options that ensures the documents integrity. 

  • Fax multiple pages to multiple recipients 100% secure transmission

  • Full audit trail in the chart for every faxed document

  • Enter fax numbers on the fly; recipients don’t have to be setup in the system

  • Supports HIPAA compliance and other regulatory mandates

  • Cut document delivery costs

  • Reduce paper-handling and manual processes

  • Eliminate phone calls to share lab results


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