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How easy is it to switch over to Biscom’s Hosted FAXCOM Anywhere (FA) solution from a premise-based Biscom FAXCOM Server solution?
A standard Biscom FAXCOM solution normally had 3 main components in play;

  • A Faxcom Server
  • FAXCOM Suite Queue
  • Telephony environment

Of course you can have other variations of document delivery going on, but these components are pre-requisites for most faxing situations. Premise-based faxing certainly has its own place in the industry but the benefits of hosted faxing can’t be ignored especially with an SLA of 365 days uptime per year.

Assuming you have all of the above installed and configured and are sending/receiving faxes successfully. Then, you decide to move to our hosted Biscom FAXCOM Anywhere solution – it’s actually quite simple.

1 – For Outbound adjustment, go into the configuration page of the queue and change the ip address (currently configured as the ip of the on-premise FAXCOM Server) to an ip address of a Biscom FAXCOM Anywhere Fax Server

2 – For Inbound adjustment, let Biscom know your existing fax numbers that you receive on and we can port those number over to our FAXCOM Anywhere servers.

For the most part – that’s it!!!!

All of the above is completely transparent to your users and your customers. When users send faxes the queue still picks them up and now delivers them to a different FAXCOM Server. When customers send inbound faxes – they are received on a FAXCOM Server and ultimately picked up by the queue and delivered to users. Although you have made a major document delivery infrastructure adjustment under the hood to the users and customers it’s business as usual with nothing they are doing being changed.