Biscom SFT

The SFT Outlook Add-in is a lightweight plugin that provides access to a secure messaging and managed file transfer solution from your Microsoft Outlook client. The SFT add-in integrates with the Outlook ribbon, providing a Secure Message button which can be used to manually send secure messages and attachments.

Users also have the ability to securely reply to regular email messages by right clicking on the message, turning an insecure message into a secure one. A special large attachment option allows you to send files that exceed your Exchange size limits without burdening your mail server. Using customizable policies based on file type and file size, the add-in can automatically route messages and attachments through Biscom’s secure server, even when sending a standard email message. The policy based engine can even route on a keyword in the subject line, like “patient”, “litigation,” “Social security”, etc. The add-in can be installed through Group Policy for easy deployment.