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Biscom Hybrid Fax

Imagine a world where your fax system is always functioning at optimal levels and you never miss a single fax. 


Biscom Hybrid Fax Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

Operational Efficiency, Unstoppable Faxing

Deploying your enterprise fax system with both virtual servers and cloud services provides a high availability fax solution that reduces your overall footprint and increases operational efficiency. 

  • Seamless, automatic failover 
  • Supports load balancing 
  • Cloud based machines perform the actual send/receive 

Business Continuity, Maximize Savings

Fax servers provide the lowest cost per page while cloud faxing handles peak volumes for inbound and outbound traffic. All clients, interfaces, workflows, and integrations continue to operate without interruption with the same simple UI – it’s a completely seamless experience for end users.

  • Reliable, non-stop faxing 
  • No busy signal – ever 
  • End user never aware of how fax is sent 

business continuity made easy

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Virtualized Server

Uses Dialogic Brooktrout SR140

Enables a seamless integration with Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, and Dialogic Voice over IP networks, and media gateways.

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Virtualized without VoIP Network

A VoIP not needed to deploy FoIP

Uses an application to seamlessly merge the PSTN with an IP Voice network or application which connects using analog lines, PRI, or T1 E&M.

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Flexible Architecture

Provides unprecedented scalability

A server and queues structure allows easy distribution of multiple queues. Each queue can support a group or application and can be administered independently of the server itself.

customer Reviews

“Biscom has delivered on every promise, from incredible customer service and responsive tech support to an impactful and reliable product. What more could you really ask for?”  

Cary Good, NUSS

““With Biscom’s hybrid fax offering, you can set it up, forget about it, and it keeps working,” says Chatterjee. “That’s exactly what we were looking for.” 

Subhadip Chatterjee, Willis Towers Watson


Everything you’d expect from the inventors of the enterprise fax technology


Secure and Compliant

HIPAA, SOX, and FERPA and a complete audit trail of communication

Operational Efficiency

Flexible and Efficient

Our Hybrid Fax solution has built-in flexibility and scalability. It allows you to handle surges and immediate failover


Auditing and Accountability

Support the same detailed fax usage billing information you’d have with a hosted service

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Connect with API

Software Development Kit (SDK) provides APIs including .NET and Web Services, COM, SMTP, Envelope Specification (File Drop), Fax Printer Driver, DocFlow (document Templating; and Command Language).

A visual monitoring tool that provides advanced fax analytics in real time.

A rules-based utility for specifying action that automatically route incoming faxes.

Collects translation information from every serve and queue to create a SQL database from you can track report on all fax activity.

Seamless integrations with existing applications and workflows to help automate faxing and compliance requirements. 

our hybrid fax product line

A simple solution to your complex problem.

Fax Systems
Biscom Suite
Biscom Client/Server (aka Mailbox Server)
Regulations & Integrations
Security & Compliance
IntegrationOnbase, Outlook, Oracle, SAP, Sharepoint
Integration (Healthcare)Epic, Centricity, Cerner, Siemens
APIREST Web Services, .NET, SMTP
Job Tracking
Advanced Fax RoutingOptional
Enterprise Fax ManagementOptional
Workflow OptionsOptional
Professional Services Packages
Custom Workflow or Set-Up (Hours/Year)*
Award Winning Support Year
*Suggested number of hours based on typical needs of customers

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