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If the recent celebrity photo hack scandal has taught us anything it is that any company, large or small, can be the target of a data security attack.  In an article written by Mashable’s Christina Warren, she describes iCloud’s data backup service as being exposed to the threat of underground-developed ‘forensic software’ which has the sole purpose of allowing remote access to a user’s data with just their iCloud username and password. She also suggests that this recent attack goes beyond iCloud and may include Android and Dropbox users.  There were also reports that the issue with hacked Apple accounts may have stemmed from a vulnerability in the “Find My iPhone” service.  This supposedly allowed hackers repeated attempts at accessing an account without being locked out.

Now imagine that the target is your company and not Jennifer Lawrence. Where is your sensitive corporate data being stored today?  Have you thought about how difficult or easy it would be for someone to gain access to that data?  Are you implementing best practices to secure your data?

A recent Biscom webinar focused on the threat that financial and other organizations face from these sorts of data security attacks. The webinar featured Wayne Dunn, CTO and Vice President of HarborOne Bank. You can learn about how to protect your business and implement security best practices by viewing the recorded webinar “Cybercrime is Endemic. Protect Your Data”.