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While this was Biscom’s seventh year attending ILTACon, this was my first experience representing Biscom at the event, held this year in Las Vegas. As I walked the show floor, I kept an eye on how vendors are addressing the needs of the legal space. I learned much more than anticipated including trends in the marketplace, the biggest challenges currently facing the industry, and how firms are using solutions to increase productivity of their daily tasks.

What resonated with me was how quickly firms looked for the value after purchasing a large file transfer or collaboration solution. Pricing was the top concern for many of the folks we spoke to. They complained about seeing year over year price increases from vendors without corresponding value. Firms I met at the show shared that some solutions have far too many features, making it hard to maximize their value when they are only using a fraction of the functionality. Users of secure email and messaging platforms don’t want complexity. In our conversations with customers, we’ve found that simplicity equals productivity (as long as the backend workflow is transparent to the end user).

Biscom keeps our secure file transfer and collaboration solution Biscom SFT simple and easy to use, a key differentiator. By keeping the solution intuitive for the end-user, we increase end-user productivity and can offer cost savings of 30-50%. If you’re reviewing your options for secure email, collaboration, and Managed File Transfer, try Biscom SFT. Biscom offers value on a proven platform.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and I look forward to seeing you again at ILTACon 2018.

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