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Earlier this year, we hosted a webinar featuring Ted Kraje of OrthoVirginia, Virginia’s largest orthopedic clinic. OrthoVirginia implemented Biscom’s FAXCOM for Epic integration to help the healthcare organization improve their fax workflows enterprise-wide.

OrthoVirginia was able to consolidate multiple fax systems in their organization to a single enterprise fax solution from Biscom. They reported an eight times productivity increase in one area of their operation by spending less time chasing down and resending failed faxes.

To learn more about the benefits that OrthoVirginia gained from the implementation, as well as to better understand why healthcare organizations turn to Biscom for HIPAA fax solutions, read the case study.

Ted Kraje’s description of Biscom’s fax system, “I call it run mode,” echoes the sentiment of many customers who have told us that Biscom’s fax solutions, whether fax servers or cloud fax services, are extremely reliable in the field. In the weeks ahead, we will be talking more about the importance of reliability in fax systems.