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Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows Server 2003 along with Windows XP on July 14, 2015. Companies need to start planning their migration before the deadline, and will need to make sure their fax server is running the most current version of Microsoft server. It’s important to be on a supported OS that continues to receive updated security patches. An unpatched or outdated system opens itself up to malware and cyberattacks, patching OS is a critical component of any corporate cybersecurity program.

Upgrading your Windows 2003 server has other benefits as well, giving you a chance to reevaluate the platforms you are currently using and the ability to make the shift from physical servers to a virtual server solution or cloud solution.

Virtual fax servers are quickly becoming the standard platform of choice, as corporations are making the shift from physical servers and other physical components to such virtualization technologies as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, XenServer and Citrix. The Dialogic SR140 FoIP product is compliant with the T.38, G.711, SIP, and H.323 industry standards.  The elimination of fax boards results in a quicker deployment where you can leverage your existing VoIP farms or SIP trunks with easier manageability in a single console and create a smaller footprint in your datacenters.

A cloud solution can help companies not only go green but also can provide some cost savings as well with no new hardware purchase to upgrade and no maintenance service contracts. With a cloud faxing solution you can eliminate all the telephony service and line costs as well.

To learn more about virtualizing your fax server or moving to the cloud please give us a call at 978-250-1800 or view our on demand webinar, Replacing your Windows 2003 Fax Servers where we will discuss more options for replacing your Windows 2003 servers.