Biscom Cloud Fax

Covid-19 has enterprise organizations at the front line of healthcare, finance, government, and legal industries struggling with surges in fax volume while enabling remote workers access to the critical documents they need to keep business running.

In the spirit of unity, we want to share seamless ways we have helped our customers adjust to the new demands while working under difficult circumstances. These solutions – many of which can be set up in minutes – are available to you:

Manage Unprecedented Enterprise Fax Volume Seamlessly
You don’t want busy signals to get in the way of people sending and receiving vital communication. Some of our customers are adding Cloud Fax to handle the surges in fax traffic sessions. Think of it as a simple overflow fax solution that can be up and running in minutes.

Accessing Faxes While Working Remotely
If employees are unable to access their MFP or stand-alone fax machines, we can easily reroute faxes to a toll-free number and have it forward to their email. Employees can also send faxes from their email or web app – allowing for business continuity during social distancing.

How Biscom Can Help:

  • Define the best path to handle volume
  • Expand on-premises’ solution in minutes
  • Add Cloud Fax overflow – seamlessly
  • Re-route MFPs and stand-alone fax machines to remote workers
  • Keep you productive and in business

We’re here for you.

Your Biscom Team
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