FREE Secure File Sharing

The response to coronavirus is forcing employees of highly regulated industries to work from home. Some employees find themselves faced with using email to send and share sensitive information with one another or their clients. Or, they are having trouble with an existing remote solution that was never designed to handle the sheer volume of work that now must be managed.

For some companies, keeping information secure is mandated by regulations like HIPAA, SOX, FERPA, or GDPR. Other businesses just want to make sure that confidential company information is kept safe from those who would exploit it.

To help you stay productive without sacrificing security or compliance, Biscom is offering the use of our secure document solution, Transit, free for 120 days. Transit is designed to be incredibly easy-to-use, with a familiar email interface. It will allow you, your co-workers and clients to remain compliant under these difficult circumstances.

How Transit Will Help You Securely Work Remotely

    • Guarantee the security and protection of your sensitive data
    • Send documents, large files, and email messages as easily as email
    • Embedded encryption and activity reports
    • Meet your security and compliance requirements

If you need any help sending secure documents or faxes, we are here to help you. Email us at [email protected].

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.
Bill Ho
CEO, Biscom