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The Top Reason Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks Chose Biscom Transit (Spoiler: It’s Ease of Use)



MWFP Aims for Ease of Use with Biscom

We recently caught up with one of our newest Biscom Transit customers, Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (MWFP). This state agency runs programs to protect Mississippi fish and wildlife resources and their habitats, administers state parks, issues hunting and fishing licenses, and advises the public about habitat protection. The agency even has their own television series “MS Outdoors TV” to educate about Mississippi’s natural resources and share the adventure of the outdoors in Mississippi.

With an emphasis on education, the agency’s media team needs to share and distribute large HD videos and other high-resolution files. They wanted a solution to help their media department easily send large HD video to media outlets.

“Transit has totally changed the way our agency publishes content in the news,” explained Eric Barnes, Project Manager at Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. “Before using Transit, we didn’t have a method of securely sending files internally and our media department wasn’t able to securely send large HD video files to our media outlets. Now our media department can have total control over what is being published and at the highest viewing quality.”

“Transit’s ease of use is the number one reason we purchased from Biscom,” he continued. Biscom’s help in creating a seamless transition and effort to thoroughly understand the organization’s file transfer needs contributed to the decision.

Transit was created for customers like MWFP who need to easily and securely send large files. Designed with a focus on ease-of-use, Transit continues Biscom’s tradition of innovation in securely sending digital documents and files, no matter their size. With Transit, companies can confidently send large files securely with the simplicity of email.

“Transit’s ease of use is the number one reason we purchased from Biscom.”

Eric Barnes

Project Manager, Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

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