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NUSS Professional Services Group Provides Dependable Global Shipping Solutions with Biscom Hybrid Fax Solution

Secure Document Delivery and Management

Fax serves a vital role for NUSS Professional Service Group, the consultative entity that provides IT services for CAP Logistics. Equipped with a fleet of trucks and aircraft along with a multimedia division for networking and collaboration, NUSS handles emergency shipping logistics for major brands, including construction equipment providers and automotive manufacturers. The company provides urgent, 24/7 global shipping services, relying on fax to deliver critical logistical information – confirmations, pickup times, delivery instructions, and proof of delivery – to the NUSS team and its customers.  

“We fill the gaps left by other major shipping providers, ensuring same or next day delivery of critical parts and products for the businesses that depend on them,” said Cary Good, IT Manager, NUSS Professional Services Group. “When our clients have an emergency need, we’re the company they turn to.”  

For Fax, Failure is not an Option

NUSS handles hundreds of shipments daily, with the majority of shipments requiring same-day or next-day delivery. From providing pickup locations and times, to shipment confirmations and proof of delivery notifications, fax plays a critical role at every major point in the shipping process. Today, the company sends more than 1200 faxes every day, totaling more than 3500 transmitted pages.  

“The logistics industry relies heavily on fax as a primary means of communication,” said Good. “We’re sending a massive number of faxes, often more than 36,000 in a single month. A single delayed or failed fax can cause shipping delays, and that affects our reputation and our business – it’s simply unacceptable.” 

Good continued, “The items we ship are critical. If an auto manufacturer can’t get a broken part replaced quickly, they have to stop production. Power plants have to be shut down if component deliveries are delayed. Without the needed equipment, major agricultural and mining projects have to be put on hold. During Hurricane Katrina, we were shipping generators to thousands of people who were without power.”  

To ensure efficient delivery and avoid costly delays, Nuss required a fax solution with total reliability. Biscom’s hybrid fax solution combines an on-premises fax server with a cloud backup fax service – any interruptions are quickly re-routed to the next available service, providing business continuity and operations. 

Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners

With its large volume of fax deliveries supporting daily shipments, NUSS was quickly overrunning its previous solution’s capacity. Though the company had recently reworked its IT infrastructure by moving into a data center, the high volume coupled with complete on-premises hosting out of its Denver office too often resulted in costly downtime. 

“Downtime and unreliable systems were causing up to 500 failed faxes every month,” said Good. ”Every time the on-premises server would freeze and a fax failed to go through, customer dissatisfaction and customer service costs increased. Our operations team alone was losing more than 40 hours a month working to re-transmit faxes. When your entire business depends on technology, uptime is priority number one.” 

In addition, the company’s fax server that relied on the VoIP system was problematic with fax devices.  

To combat the internal challenges and improve reliability for its customer base, Good needed a fax solution with four main criteria:  

Reliability to ensure on-time delivery and prevent disruption in service 

Scalability to accommodate the company’s high volume of daily shipments  

Virtualized system to help the company reduce hardware costs  

Value pricing that satisfied the above criteria at a reasonable cost 

After evaluating multiple options, NUSS selected Biscom’s Hybrid FAXCOM Server and FAXCOM Cloud Fax solution, which offered the functionality and the reliability that the company needed.

Driving Efficiency and Reliability with Biscom

Today, the daily routines of more than 60 people on the NUSS operations team are driven by Biscom.  

“Biscom’s hybrid fax solutions have provided significant time savings, allowed us to reduce hardware and support costs, and ultimately increased reliability for our customers that depend on us.” 

Results have included:  

  • Improved reliability from hybrid on-premises and cloud servers, with the ability to support more than 1200 faxes per day with no disruptions because of the built-in business continuity.  
  • Time savings across the company’s operations, support and technology teams. According to Good, “With no more need to constantly re-transmit faxes, our operations team alone saves more than 500 hours of time every month. That’s essentially like getting back a full work week every month, which is now time we can dedicate to serving our clients and growing our business.” 
  • Reduced hardware costs resulting from the hybrid server environment. With its virtual server and less dependence on the on-premises servers, NUSS has been able to reduce the number of leased machines needed, providing impressive cost savings. The reduced time working on the servers has also saved the company more than $10,000. 
  • Increased customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. In a market where dependability is critical, NUSS is able to provide companies with the peace of mind in knowing that their shipments will be on time, every time.  

With the support of Biscom, NUSS has been able to confidently deliver on their commitment to provide reliable, urgent-needs shipping solutions to companies around the world. After successfully using Biscom for 18 months, the company rolled out additional features, including the Microsoft Outlook integration and desktop faxing for end users, which provide additional cost and time savings.  

“Biscom has delivered on every promise, from incredible customer service and responsive tech support to an impactful and reliable product. What more could you really ask for?”


Nuss Professional Services Group 


Emergency Shipping and Logistics


Denver, CO



  • Unreliable faxing 
  • Inability to scale fax service
  • Expensive in-house hardware and infrastructure
  • Delay of mission critical faxes can hurt business customer service reputation
  • Biscom Hybrid Fax Server and FAXCOM Cloud Fax Service
  • Sent more than 36,000 faxes per month successfully 
  • Improved reliability for time-sensitive client shipments 
  • Reduced hardware, operations, and customer service costs  



Biscom has delivered on every promise. Incredible customer service, responsive tech support, and an impactful and reliable product. What more could you really ask for.


Cary Good

IT Manager, Nuss Professional Services Group


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