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PLUS Diagnostics Delivers Immediate, High Resolution, Secure, Color Lab Results to Physicians

Biscom Digital Fax

Founded in 1990, PLUS Diagnostics is the premier provider of comprehensive and dynamic anatomic pathology services, tailored to the outpatient needs of urologists, oncologists, dermatologists, and gastroenterologists. Based in Union New Jersey, Irvine California, and Houston Texas, PLUS Diagnostics is accredited by the College of American Pathologists and is CLIA-certified. PLUS serves thousands of physicians, and evaluates tens of thousands samples monthly. 


PLUS Diagnostics realized it needed to provide its clients with more detailed, full-color test results than a traditional fax could provide. For instance, high resolution color reporting conveys clinical data—including any applicable graphs and detailed histological images—in a much more accurate and detailed manner than standard grayscale fax reporting. The additional clarity transmits clear diagnostic information, assisting physicians with their treatment decisions. The process entailed faxing results and following up with the originals via FedEx overnight delivery, at a cost of over $5 per package.  Results needed to be communicated faster and more cost effectively.  

Michael Adriani, the Director of IT at PLUS Diagnostics who led the search for a new faxing solution, had a short list of requirements:  a secure Internet-based solution that also needed to be an unattended function—meaning no one at the physician’s office had to go get the results (results would be “pushed” to physicians rather than “pulled” by them). In addition, PLUS Diagnostics needed the solution to be secure enough to help maintain HIPAA compliance, run in its current IT environment, and be branded with the lab’s private label. 

“The faxing technology we had in place didn’t do enough to provide quick, clear and concise reporting.  We wanted a new system, and we wanted it to be secure, Internet- based, yet easy to use on both ends,” said Adriani. The team conducted three months’ worth of research and evaluated multiple products to pinpoint the best solutions for PLUS Diagnostics’ needs. After speaking with Biscom about their challenges, Michael learned that Biscom had a new solution in development that could satisfy their needs: Biscom Digital Fax. 


Biscom Digital Fax is a high speed, secure, point-to-point patent-pending software solution for sending and receiving high resolution color images—such as lab test results, medical/dental radiographs, and full color documents—over the Internet. Unlike traditional fax transmissions using this solution is completely digital, providing breakthrough transmission speeds, quality, and security, and eliminates telecom charges as the end-to-end transmission is over IP networks. As a real-time, highly secure communications method, Digital Fax represented technology meeting the unique needs of Plus Diagnostics:  

  • Like email, Biscom Digital Fax data transmission eliminates phone line costs; but unlike email, the data communication is encrypted and direct point-to-point, and is automatically delivered to color printers and/or desktops as a push technology

  • Like fax, an unalterable image is sent; but unlike standard fax, the image can be full color and is not limited to any maxi­mum Dots Per Inch (DPI) resolution or size 

Biscom’s Digital Fax was the right fit for PLUS Diagnostics, where it is labeled as PLUS Dx Remote. In addition to being Internet-based, able to securely transmit in full color, and able to integrate seamlessly with PLUS Diagnostics’ PathFlex LIS laboratory system and infrastructure, Biscom’s Digital Fax satisfied PLUS Diagnostics’ need for an unattended function at medical practices.  

PLUS Dx Remote delivers the lab results securely, in real-time, and at high resolution to a designated color printer or fax machine (standard monochrome fax) at the medical practices. Once received, the information is automatically printed and/or stored electronically. And it’s designed so that even computer novices can feel confident using it.  

Moreover, Biscom designed and delivered a “mixed network” of Digital Fax and traditional monochrome Group 3 fax to accommodate PLUS Diagnostics’ complete customer base.   


Biscom’s secure Digital Fax gives PLUS Diagnostics a competitive edge, with the following benefits: 

  • Transmission of higher quality color images, with superior legibility, further supporting greater physician confidence in thelabs findings.  

  • Immediate receipt of transmitted diagnostic reports. By eliminating any delay between the lab sending the report and the physician receiving it, the patient’s condi­tion can be diagnosed and treated more quickly. 

  • Assurance that Digital Fax, unlike email, is encrypted with standards-based 256-bit AES encryption, which helps both the lab and physicians meet HIPAA compliance and protect patient privacy. 

  • Quick and secure delivery of information to physicians.

  • Cost savings of thousands per month through elimination of overnight shipping charges at $5/package, and phone line telecom charges.

  • Automated feedback that reduced support time.

  • Improved satisfaction among physician customers.

  • Easy deployment in minutes at client sites.

PLUS Diagnostics




Union, New Jersey



  • Required more detailed, full-color faxes to make treatment decisions
  • Needed a secure Internet-based solution that automates lab results
  • Wanted results to be communicated faster and more cost effectively
  • Biscom Digital Fax 
  • Transmission of higher quality color images
  • Immediate receipt of transmitted diagnostic reports
  • Provided peace of mind to the agency and their customers


The faxing technology we had in place didn’t do enough to provide quick, clear, and concise reporting. We wanted a new system, and we wanted it to be secure, internet based, yet easy to use on both ends.

 Michael Adriani

Director of IT, Plus Diagnostics


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