Compose Secure Notes & Attach Files With Ease

Biscom Transit is pleased to announce the immediate availability of folder sharing for collaborative groups. Transit’s messaging system allows you to compose secure notes and attach files as easily as sending email. It also mimics email’s look and feel, which makes it familiar and easy. Like email, this secure note is usually a one-off delivery, or a short exchange of replies.

But when working on a longer term project, or if you need a place to keep a permanent or semi-permanent group of files, a shared folder is often a better choice. Transit now supports folder sharing that lets you share any folder you have in your cloud storage space.

To start sharing, simply navigate to your files, and hover over the folder you want to share. Here I’ve selected the Product folder to share out.

On the right you’ll see a Sharing icon – like a “less than” sign with dots on the vertices.

Click this icon to bring up the sharing dialog. In the Product shared folder, there are already three of us that members of this shared folder.

To add new members, simply enter the email addresses of the new collaborators in the To: field. An email is sent to each new member. This is optional, as you may not want to accept all sharing requests. Here I’ll add Andy’s email and also a short note to explain why I’m inviting him to this shared folder.

I’ve assigned the Editor role to him for this particular shared folder. As an editor, he can upload, download and delete files. However, Editors cannot delete the shared folder, and the editor cannot invite other members – only owners can. If you invite users as Viewers, they have read-only access – i.e. these users can download any file but are restricted from uploading files or modifying anything about the shared folder. I can modify the role of each collaborator at any time by opening the sharing dialog and changing the pull-down menu next to the person’s name.

The benefit of a shared folder is the ease in which you can share files with one or more people. Rather than creating a secure note and attaching files, you simply drop files into this folder and anyone who is part of the group can see the new files. Similarly, if you remove files, the files are instantly removed from the folder from the perspective of the other members. Members can be internal or external to your company.

All of this is done through a secure and manageable way. It becomes an easy way to share confidential files, as well as files that are too large to send over email. And for project-based work, shared folders are often more convenient, faster, and more secure than any other method. Enjoy!


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