Cloud Fax by Biscom

Biscom is enhancing your company’s Biscom cloud fax account portal security with its new update to the FAXCOM Anywhere password security policy. Newly added security features help users make informed security decisions with customizable password management criteria, ensuring that Biscom’s cloud fax solution exceeds today’s security standards and yearly auditing and compliance procedures.

Password maintenance isn’t always top of mind during every-day operations, so the new security update has made it extremely easy to make sure your users are always maximizing security with configurable password settings. The new key password management criteria updates include password expiration and lock, history, and complexity settings. Each new security update to the FA portal are configurable and customizable according to your company’s security needs and requirements.

New security features include:

Password expiration

  • Administrative users can determine the timeframe before users need to create a new password

Password Lock

  • After multiple failed password entries, the user account automatically locks

Password History (reuse)

  • Administrative users have the ability to configure the number of times a user needs to create a new password before repeating a previously used one

Password Complexity

  • Passwords must be a minimum of ten characters
  • Passwords require at least one uppercase and lowercase letter, one number and special character
  • Password indicator visually shows when the passwords requirements are met

To save you time, an additional password maintenance feature was also included with this update. Don’t worry if you accidentally forget your password—now you don’t have to call in and speak with a representative to reset it. Conveniently select ‘forgotten password’ on the portal login to receive an email with a link create a new password.

Making sure customers have optimal security when using Biscom solutions is top priority, along with making staying secure simple. These new security enhancements will make password security maintenance simple so users can continue to confidently fax confidential documents and focus on what matters to your organization.




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