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Live Q&A Session: How to Leverage Your Existing Healthcare Fax System During Covid-19



Levaraging Healthcare Fax

Since February, our healthcare customers have scrambled to find ways to increase capacity and add back-up systems to meet the demand for secure communication. Many customers responded immediately with fixes like forwarding MFP fax numbers to emails, increasing ports, adding servers, automating workflows, or providing a cloud backup.

We address improvements to support patient care and healthcare workers that we are seeing in:

  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • EPIC Integrations
  • EMRs and CRMs

Share Solutions to Common Fax Problems 
We’ve helped strained hospitals, labs, health and human services, rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities, providers, and biotech firms implement solutions to meet the challenges – often with fixes to their existing system. It’s time to share solutions to common problems to help stretch your existing solution.

Learn Ways to Support Remote Employees
Remote workers can be productive if they can send and receive faxes. There are secure workarounds when the physical fax machine is still at the office. Fax to email and cloud secure file transfer allow for HIPAA compliant communication – and support large files easily.


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