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I love the opportunity to get on the road to visit our customers and partners. It gives us the chance to see our products in use and get feedback on how we can continue to exceed expectations.

Last week John Lane, our CISO, joined me on a trip to Kentucky. Our visits included a meeting with the Lexmark team at their national headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, right around the corner from the Louisville Slugger plant. It felt like a home run to me. They had an incredibly knowledgeable staff and an innovative and flexible demo facility. We were especially impressed by their commitment to sustainability that extended to the parking lot, paved with asphalt made from over 9000 pounds of recycled toner. We’re looking forward to working with this innovative company as we expand the integration with Biscom products.

Lexmark Road Trip

Interested in having us stop by on our next road trip? Let me know. Want to learn more about our integration with Lexmark? Email us.

Louisville Slugger