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New study of American voters show they expect public-private collaboration to keep America safe.

Now that our new President has taken office, he will face a greater cyber threat than any previous president or administration.


According to a recent national survey we conducted of more than 500 American voters, 65% believe cyber-attacks are a major threat to national security. This fear is at the same level as the perceived threats from ISIS, nuclear weapons, and climate change.

It’s no surprise that as technology advances, cybersecurity concerns increase right along with it. According to our data, cybersecurity ranks sixth on the list of major public concerns – right alongside the social security solvency, gun policies, and foreign policy.

While Americans have generally felt a sense of apprehension about a cyber attack, in recent years, concerns have increased. Today, cybersecurity is top of mind for a majority of Americans; over 80% believe the threat of cyber attacks is greater today than it was four years ago. Americans will be eagerly watching newly sworn-in President Trump to see how he will address these growing cybersecurity concerns.

As America’s presence in foreign countries continues to grow, the cyber security strategies must also expand and adjust; almost 70% of Americans believe the biggest cyber attack will come from a foreign nation. Because foreign threat is such a significant concern, Americans are looking to the Federal Government to implement a secure cyber browsing experience. Due to the extensive amount of sensitive information kept on computers, protecting classified documents is becoming a major priority. Over 92% of Americans believe that the Federal Government should protect military and federal data, regardless of classification.

86% of Americans believe that the President of the United States should play an active role in developing and executing our national cybersecurity policy, so in order to uphold a favorable status, Trump will have to ensure his cybersecurity policies are progressive and honest. And because the cyber world is ever-changing, Trump must be malleable in his course of action, but stern in his policies. As cybersecurity becomes an increasing concern for Americans, incoming officials will need to prioritize these concerns in order to gain and build Americans’ trust.

Over the next four years, in order to bridge trust and assurance in the American people, Donald Trump and his cabinet must prioritize the rising concerns for cyber security, and instill a better sense of protection.

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