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Biscom Helps Courts Fight Crime by Accelerating Approval of Search Warrants and Probable Cause Declarations


Baltimore, MD – September 17, 2013 – At the Court Technology Conference (Booth #610) in Baltimore, Maryland today, Biscom will demo its Biscom Mobile Fax app for Apple iPad and Google Android tablets.  This app enables judges to expedite securely the approval of urgent court documents submitted by law enforcement agencies.


Crime never sleeps.   Law enforcement agencies must serve and protect around the clock every day.  The Fourth Amendment and other laws often require law enforcement officers to seek judicial approval before searching private property for evidence.   Receiving a signed search warrant sooner than later can make a difference when fighting crime – by reducing the time during which important evidence could be concealed, relocated, or destroyed.


“Mobile apps enable many more people to use our proven enterprise and cloud fax and secure file transfer solutions in ways that can truly make a difference,” said S.K. Ho, Founder and Chairman of Biscom. “Our vision has become reality now that judges use our solutions every day to fight crime.”


Courts respond to the needs of law enforcement agencies by having judges serve on-call duty during nights and weekends.   In the past, a police officer might have to knock on the door of a judge in the middle of the night seeking approval of a search warrant. Now, with Biscom Mobile Fax, the agency can simply fax the paperwork to the court.  The fax is instantly available to the judge’s mobile device any time of day, wherever the judge might be. The judge can review the fax immediately, make annotations to the document, sign and date the document, and return it to the law enforcement agency within minutes.


The Biscom Mobile App is much more than just a standalone app that runs on an Apple iOS or Google Android device.  It fully extends Biscom’s secure enterprise fax solutions – whether installed in an organization’s data center or hosted by Biscom in the cloud – to mobile devices.  As search warrants and probable cause declarations are sent to the court by law enforcement agencies, the fax server can timestamp and archive the documents in secure servers housed in the court’s data center before immediately forwarding the fax to a judge’s mobile device.  And, when the judge returns the approved document, the signed document can also be automatically stored in the court’s permanent records.


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