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37% of Law Firms Responding to Biscom ILTA Security Challenge Survey Say Greatest Concern is Mobile Access to Legal Technology

Survey Shows that 52% of Firms Responding Will Use Secure File Transfer to Protect Data


Chelmsford, MA – September 24, 2013 – Biscom, Inc., a leader in secure document delivery, today announced the results of the Biscom Security Challenge survey conducted during the period July 20 – August 23, 2013. The survey polled legal IT professionals attending the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) Conference.


The poll was designed to assess the challenges legal IT professionals face in terms of data security. Legal IT professionals were asked two questions: What is your greatest security concern this year and what measures are you taking to protect your data?


Key findings were:

  • What is your greatest security concern this year?


  • 37% of polled professionals agree that mobile access to legal technology is their biggest problem as most workers use 3 devices to work remotely.
  • Nearly 18% say that third-party collaborative sites such as Dropbox, while user friendly, don’t offer the security law firms need.
  • 13% say that security awareness training is a big part of law firm audits from corporate clients and helps reduce user mistakes/lax practices.
  • Short password, sharing passwords, using unauthorized software, sharing confidential information on an unsecured device can jeopardize ironclad procedures say 10.9% especially in regard to cloud-based services/software.
  • Only 8.7% said that hackers represent a problem.
  • There was a tie for last place for compliance with government and privacy regulations, and password management – both 6.5%


  • What measures are you taking to protect your data?
    • 52% said secure file transfer was the number one way legal IT professionals can control the security around the huge amount of data being exchanged daily.
    • 50% said e-mail encryption is also being adopted as another way to protect data.
    • Mobile device management is becoming more important with 43% of respondents saying it was being used as a way to secure mobile data.
    • When legal IT professionals were having a hard time in controlling a file sharing site, 27% say they are blocking it.
    • Surprisingly, two-factor authentication is being deployed by only 26% of respondents, who said it was hard to use and difficult to administer.
    • Data loss prevention was last in importance with 22% of respondents.


“When Biscom started working with ILTA three years ago, the conversation was focused on defining secure file transfer and whether it was needed at all,” said Bill Ho, president, Biscom. “Since then, we’ve seen a real shift within the legal community now absolutely committed to the value and use of secure file transfer as part of their legal IT operations.”

The ILTA survey demonstrates that legal IT professionals, faced with enabling the use of mobile devices and the need to develop tighter policies around sharing documents, are looking for security strategies that allow for a flexible BYOD environment, while protecting corporate and client data. Secure file transfer is the top way that legal IT professionals plan to protect corporate and client data.

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