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FTP Replacement

Interested in making IT jobs more productive, saving costs and security?

FTP is a widely used file transfer method, but developed in a time when security was not a concern and there were only a handful of government agencies that used it. Times have changed and security is critical.

Biscomremains on the forefront of technology by developing new, market-leading secure document delivery solutions to replace the FTP challenges you face.

Today, many users – including your business – have outgrown FTP and now require advanced functionality, security, and reporting. On top of all this, it must be easy to use for the less technical users.

As an IT tool, FTP has its place, but otherwise, Biscom SFT is critical to the business ecosystem (and will make any IT department more productive).

As a web-based solution, Biscom SFT (BDS) solves the ease-of-use problem, supports the largest files that FTP can send, and is significantly easier to run and manage by IT administrators.

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SpaceX Replaces FTP with Biscom Delivery Server and Improves File Transfer Efficiency by 98%

“One of the biggest benefits of BDS is that it can run on our own network in the way I want to run it. Biscom Delivery Server was the only solution that offered this level of configuration and customization….In fact, we’ve reduced the time to encrypt and send files from two hours to less than two minutes.” – Branden Spikes, CIO


Biscom SFT