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Secure File Transfer Software Features & Benefits

Secure Email through Outlook

Secure Email button in Outlook with ability to set policies for files size, type, and keyword triggers.

Replace Aging FTP Servers

Unsecure FTP servers send passwords in clear text. Each SFT delivery is secure, and doesn’t require IT’s help.

Collaborate Securely

Secure workspaces let you share files, comments, activity history. Customize notification options so you know when people are contributing.

Robust Reporting

Detailed usage reports, file activity, most active users, most downloaded files, and full transaction reports.

Biscom SFT 6.0 includes these new features:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Support
    • Supports new governance controls
    • Updated privacy notices, cookie policies, and more
    • Remove identifying information when required


  • Sophos AV Native integration
    • Fast and accurate malware protection
  • Multi-factor Authentication
    • Twilio provided two-factor authentication


  • Internet Content Adaption Protocol
    • Used for anti-virus, data loss prevention and content filters

Integrated with Microsoft Outlook

  • Receive email confirmation of delivery
  • Send attachments larger than Exchange limits
  • Keeps attachments out of Exchange
  • Supports a secure message for confidential information
  • Securely reply to any email received
  • Policy-based – can trigger secure deliveries based on file size, file type, or keywords
  • Advanced delivery options – second level password protection, expiration date, notification options
SFT Outlook add-in button
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Replaces FTP Servers

  • Secure – FTP does not support encryption at rest and in transit
  • Easy – for both senders and recipients
  • Self-service – IT administrators do not need to get involved
  • Confirmed – receive email notifications when recipients open deliveries and download files
  • Collaborative – share files and let others upload their own files to you
  • Tracked – logging that’s easier to read and understand
  • Automated – more secure than existing FTP workflows

Secure Workspace

  • Collaborate with internal and external users
  • Assign roles to collaborators from view-only to owner
  • Drag and drop for easy and fast file updates
  • Customizable and granular notification options when workspaces are updated
  • Comments and online discussions
  • Organize files into unlimited number of subfolders
Simple and Easy

Simple and Easy

  • Web-based client supports drag-and-drop
  • Mobile access with Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Microsoft Outlook plug-in
  • Automation utilities can watch folders for file activity
  • Supports 100+ GB file transfers