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describe the imageThe annual conference for the International Legal Technology Association is not known as a languid affair. With hundreds of educational sessions, networking opportunities, an awards show, a fun run and enough parties to sustain a 20-year-old, its attendees bounce around faster than caffeinated pinballs on a trampoline.  

A prime example of this is the exhibition hall. It’s like a candy store for legal IT pros and you can bet they stop to sample the tastiest tidbits.  We saw a fair share of attendees at the Biscom booth as they lined up to take our Biscom Security Challenge and this also gave us a great opportunity to discuss what they see trending in terms of security concerns.

    1. Security – Does it surprise anyone that legal IT pros are obsessed with security? Lawyers are constantly handling confidential information and content that falls under the prevue of government regulations such as medical records or social security numbers.  Hackers have identified law firms as potential weak links making them primary targets for unauthorized access. One wrong keystroke error from an employee can add to that risk. Initial questions for technology providers usually amounted to these: Where is our data housed? How is it protected?
    2. Ease-of-Use – There is a concerted fatigue from legal IT and attorneys when it comes to new technology. This fatigue stems from multitudes of complicated implementations and clunky, non-user-friendly interfaces. Both parties keen for software that is as easy to use and it is to administer.
    3. Enterprise File Sharing Solutions – At the end of the day, you have to be able to get information from point A to point B and have it amply secured. Biscom has been securing file transfers for decades and has perfected the balance of security and ease of use. In fact, this year we offered the Biscom Security Challenge, which gave attendees the opportunity to test drive Biscom Security File Transfer. In the time it takes to send an email, you can send a secure delivery.  Here’s how quickly one IT pro did it:



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Get ready to tune your banjos for ILTA 2014 in Nashville (Aug. 25-28). We’ll see you there!