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We reviewed all the responses to our 2015 IT Survey and one thing was abundantly clear: security is on everyone’s priority list this year. The survey confirmed what we already saw trending in the market with more than 70% of respondents saying security was the number one feature they looked for in file transfer while 73% rank security highest for their sync and share solution.

The survey looked to understand the attitudes and behaviors around enterprise security and included respondents working in 13 industries. The findings showed three key things:

  • Enterprises across industries, including healthcare, financial services, retail, computer hardware/software, and manufacturing have heightened security concerns
  • The security of tools and protocols are varied across industries
  • All sectors see security as critical and need it to be core features of their EFSS products

In addition to security, the survey revealed many other interesting and useful insights into the document delivery needs of various industries. Some of the findings include:

When it comes to file sharing solutions for work, email was the preferred method for sharing information:

  • 86% Email
  • 61% Secure file transfer or managed file transfer solution (SFT/MFT)
  • 51% FTP
  • 40% DVD/CD or USB drive

Sync and share services are growing across industries with a wide variety of files being shared, the most popular being Office documents.

  • 76% Office documents (Word, Excel, PPT)
  • 40% Personal files and documents
  • 32% Medical information, charts, lab results
  • 31% Multi-media (music, movies, images)
  • 29% Legal documents, contracts, agreements
  • 27% Financial documents
  • 17% Human resources information

The key features customers look for in their fax solutions are reliability (50%) and security (37%).

Thank you to everyone that participated in our 2015 IT Survey. We really appreciate the feedback that we received and your responses help us better understand your business challenges and needs.

At Biscom, security is and will always be the cornerstone of our products and services. As a company, our aim is to offer secure and reliable document delivery solutions and we will continue to advance our security offerings to meet the needs of our customers.