Keep Your Results Secure

With preliminary plans for a return to in-person workthe need to share confidential medical information like test results, vaccination information, and exposure notifications elevates the need for secure communication that protects confidential messages and documents. 

At Biscom, we generally work with larger firms but have seen an increase in requests for secure email and fax solutions from individuals and small businesses who need to manage sensitive correspondence. 

Employees, contractors, and smaller businesses creating back to work policies and procedures can consider the following: 

Traditional email is not secure and should not be used for sharing vaccine or test results information.

Sending medical records as an attachment is a significant risk to both the employee and employer. The medical record, in and of itself, is confidential. And, often, contains identifying information that, in the wrong hands, could be used for malicious intent. 

Vaccine notification and internal policies should include an audit trail capability.

With so many recommendations and policy changes, tracking communication, notifications, documents sent, received, read, and opened can create a valuable audit trail that can protect both the employee and employer  

Individual or small businesses can work together to protect one another.

Employees, small businesses, and independent contractors should consider taking small steps to remain compliant and secure during a time when there is no precedent for returning to in-person work. An easytouse solution that protects employees and employers will benefit all. 

The time to plan a roll-out strategy for your communication plan is now. Before sharing results and policies, consider a secure communication system that can protect and your company. 

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