Our customers fall within a wide range of regulated industries that need a secure, reliable fax or SFT solution. 

Reimagine secure communication

Biscom invented enterprise fax and holds 10 patents in secure communication. 

Pioneers in Enterprise Fax 

Founded in 1986, Biscom pioneered the enterprise fax server and secure fax marketplaces with FAXCOM® and its award-winning fax management solutions. Since then, Biscom has developed expertise and solutions around secure file transfer, synchronization, file translation, and mobile devices..

Leaders in Secure Communication for Regulated Industries 

Biscom is committed to developing innovative secure communication solutions for the world’s largest regulated organizations – especially healthcare, finance, and government. Our solutions ensure the mission-critical documents are delivered securely and reliably – without compromise.  

Industries we serve

healthcare icon


Biscom supports patient information exchange, release of information (ROI) of medical records, prescription delivery, lab results, and other sensitive ePHI. Hospitals, Labs, Home Healthcare, Rehabilitation Centers, Visiting Nurse Associations, Pharmaceutical Companies, Mental Health Facilities, Pharmacies, Drug Development, Medicaid and Medicare.

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Automation provides fast processing of mortgages, refinancings, electronic statement delivery, and loan processing. Financial institutions, Investment, Commercial, and Retail Banks, M&A Consultants, Accounting and Loan Processing Firms, Mortgage Companies, and Retirement Funds.

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Government and Legal

Simple and secure sharing of confidential information, sensitive documents, protected health information, and legal agreements. Scale to hundreds of thousands of users. Department of Health and Human Services, Veteran Affairs, State and Federal Agencies, Law Firms, Courts and Country Municipalities.


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The True Cost of Enterprise Fax

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The March of Phishing Attacks on Healthcare Goes On

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