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An In-Depth Demo of the Powerful Fax Monitoring and Control Software: Biscom Enterprise Fax Management

May 1, 2019 | 2pm ET

Faxes inform decisions, complete transactions, and facilitate the transfer of essential information into critical workflows. A delayed or undelivered fax can cost organizations substantial time and money. Even when fax systems are running efficiently, faxes can still get stuck or delayed due to other environmental factors beyond the fax system itself – busy phone lines, congested network traffic, power outages, and much more.

In this webinar, Gus Agudelo, lead developer behind the product, will show you how Biscom Enterprise Fax Management can give you command over your entire fax ecosystem. He will show how Enterprise Fax Management allows you to:

  • Monitor and manage your fax traffic
  • Build custom alarms and alerts to notify you when things go wrong, before the user calls start
  • Streamline control with integrated dashboard, management, and compliance tools
  • Develop policies and dynamically apply changes across the environment

Biscom EFM runs independently of an organization’s fax software and servers to detect anomalous data patterns and spot failures so that possible disruptions can be detected, identified, and repaired before frantic user calls start and the failures impact business. Learn how to put Biscom Enterprise Fax Management to work for your fax environment.